I will pray with the Spirit, but I will also pray with the mind. I will sing praise with the Spirit, but I will also sing praise with the mind.
— 1 Corinthians 14:!5


Jolene grew up singing at her home parish, and since then has sung over 150 weddings and funerals at churches all over the United States. She started with a degree in Music Education from Clarke University in Dubuque, Iowa, and then moved to Michigan to get a Master’s in Vocal Performance from Eastern Michigan University.


Jolene began composing in 2009, and has since been featured in Fifteen Minutes of Fame in Warwick, NY in 2017. She continues to compose for composition competitions throughout the world and plans on traveling to hear her winning compositions performed.


Jolene’s arrangements can be seen throughout Universities in Michigan, most recently arranging “This is Gospel” for EMU’s Evergreen, “I’m Yours” for CMU’s Fish N’ Chips and “High Hopes” for EMU’s Express.